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Agency and Advantage Product Line

Manufacturer Brief Introduction

Sharp is a world-renowned manufacturer of electronic components, offered solutions covering kinds of products as sensors, luminaires, and system devices.

Applications: wide application of automobile, industry, medical treatment, IOT, home appliances, etc.

Antenova’s Headquarters located in the UK, focused on providing mobile phones, portable devices and notebook computers with integrated antennas and radio frequency (RF) antenna modules.

Applications: GSM and CDMA, 3G, GPS, 802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth, Wibree and Zigbee

AP (Analog Power)was founded in 2002 , focusing on offering the power management solution, branch offices in the US, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Applications: Industrial and motor control, power supplies, consumer electronics, LED lighting, etc.

Micro Commercial Components (MCC), a US-based manufacturer with over 20 years of history, focusing on the development and promotion of two-transistors with high cost performance.

Applications: Lighting, power, communications, consumer electronics, etc.

Hartman is a Germany company, focusing on the R&D of switch production. Their major products are chip code switches, slide switches, micro switches, etc.

Application: wide application of industrial automation and electronics

Aavid is the world’s leading on thermal management solutions, and could offer the global extensive thermal management solutions, technical support and related services.

Applications: Computers, notebooks, printers and game consoles, along with non-computer products including servers, networking devices, instrumentation, transportation and other consumer electronics.

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